DIY Hydrogen Fuel Cell For Your Car DIY instructions for making your own hydrogen fuel cell.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

DIY .00 Hydrogen Fuel Cell ! - )

Easy to make fuel cell good for science fair project. Or for own observations.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. TheBendixSA says:

    fuel cells convert the gas back to energy……….

  2. TheBendixSA says:

    This is a goddamn electrolyzer man not a fuel cell… ffs

  3. IrAndrew27 says:

    cut a pencil on both sides and remove the wood and use the graphite for your anode and cathodes just wrap your wire around it. It makes way more hydrogen

  4. APNEAaddict says:

    redox reaction not a fuel cell

  5. Gagethestudman says:

    are you using well water?

  6. galex50 says:

    It just makes the metal on the screw detach and go to the water.
    a common use for this is chrome plating, or you could make silver water with this (you obviously need something silver instead of the screw, and the spring, and obviously no salt.

  7. 1zacster says:

    This is not a hydrogen fuel cell , it is electrolosis( converting water to hydrogen+oxygen)

  8. shambles9 says:

    This is not a hydrogen fuel cell, please do your research

  9. lhester2003 says:

    If you were to saturate the water with salt, and continue electrolysis, one electrode will collect sodium hydroxide, and the other will collect clorine
    cool project, just like our predisessors learned without electricity chemistry would not exhist.
    thanks for the vidio

  10. sk8dude213 says:

    you could just use Potassium hydroxide is just as good as salt and it wont cause Corrosion and you dont have to add any more it lasts forever

  11. treyflip3losthispass says:

    i call it a fuel cell anyway…

  12. smr1967 says:

    nope sure isnt a fuel cell what you have here is hydrogen production.go ahead fire it up next time.ya know just throw a match at it.LOL j/k

  13. TheGaylard says:

    brilliant. i’ll make a 2 dollar cell and feed it quarters! that will make me rich!

  14. jfmayer says:

    hey ca cé d’la calice de marde

  15. dpark76 says:

    You should change this title of this video to “DIY $2.00 Hydrogen Generator for Fuel Cells” and I’ll give a higher rating.

  16. dpark76 says:

    I think it’s that the hydrogen in urine is easier to pull apart…not so much that there’s “more” hydrogen there.

  17. riftalope says:

    You could get more gas from urine. Really.

  18. nohatred says:

    Yes this is not a cell. its not the point of it being just $2 but this is just producing Hydrogen. You can produce hydrogen in other cheap ways too. just put calcium cabonate in HCL.

    Fuel cell uses hydrogen and brakes it to Proton and electron.

    This is opposite of fuel cell. if it used hydrogen and produces electricity from it, then it is a fuel cell.

  19. sausagenmuff says:

    no its not, but you could call it a hydrogen generator, which is not bad for $2.00 I suppose